Top Five Books for Babies

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Once they are big enough to sit up and grasp objects, you can begin to brainwash your child into becoming your future Barnes and Noble shopping partner by giving them lots of books. Although I am (mostly) kidding, you might be surprised to find that there are some really wonderful books out there made specifically for babies. These books allow them to explore different sensations through touch, sight, and sound, as well as introducing them to the shape of written words. Here are five of the most loved books-for-babies I watched my own little one grow up with.

Top Five Books for Future Space Explorers

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Kids are naturally curious. Give them books about something as strange and interesting as the universe and it won’t be long before the roots of adventure and exploration take root in them and grow. Nurturing lifelong curiosity and wonder in our children is so important for the future! Who knows what amazing things they will discover.

Here are the top five books I’ve found that have sparked a love for space in my own child.