Surrendered Stories (with photographs) by Kristin Fouquet

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Surrendered Stories (with photographs) by Kristin Fouquet

A piece of writing is never finished. You just surrender. – Carter Monroe

Synopsis: These four surrendered stories are accompanied by twenty-four b&w photographs. In “Cocteau’s Ransom,” two dognappers believe they’ve found the solution to their financial troubles until unexpected complications arise. A lonely young woman with employment issues finds her escapism in vintage films at “The Vestige.” When the Roussels “Return to Camp Bon Temps,” their annual summer fishing camp, it’s not all good times as their daughter cannot forget the previous summer. In “Margaux’s Understudy,” an inexperienced home healthcare worker uses the past in creative ways to engage her wards. 

My rating: 4/5 stars

My review: I am so glad the author of Surrendered Stories reached out to me. I really enjoyed this collection of short stories and the beautiful, careful production of the book itself. Fouquet’s writing style feels very cinematic and this is beautifully enhanced by the black and white photos throughout. Each one helps spark your imagination and set the scene for the story to come. Fouquet’s prose is very clear with no unnecessary adornments to the language. Her dialogue is snappy and natural, which helps bring life to characters that we only get to see for a few pages. My favorite story of them all is “Cocteau’s Ransom”, about a pair of dog-nappers. It was so funny and well written that I could see it playing out in my mind with perfect clarity- the movie adaptation would totally be directed by Tarantino.

Aside from the quality of the work within, the package arrived so lovingly and beautifully prepared that it felt like opening up a present at Christmas. Everything was neatly wrapped in tissue paper, and the package included a lovely black and white print and a personalized thank you note.


If you are looking to give more indie, small press, or self-published authors a try, please do check out Kristin’s website here and have a look through her works. You won’t be disappointed!

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