Off-Topic Tuesday

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Sadly, I’ve been too busy with life and school lately to make much progress on my TBR. I’ve gotten five chapters into my The Raven Boys reread and flipped through a few pages of the adorable Bloom graphic novel, but I haven’t been able to really dive in. That’s okay. As in all things, book binges come and go in waves. Life is all ebbs and flows. Right now my flow is a lot of kid stuff, getting through finals season, and obsessing over Game of Thrones. And that’s okay! But I started this blog to get back into the habit of writing and creating a little bit every day, so here I am. Let’s get off topic!


So my daughter turned SIX and that’s nuts. She had a big birthday party with all of her friends at a local art studio and had a total blast. It’s really interesting and bittersweet watching her slowly enter this transitional stage of life. She’s spending less time playing with her little dragon toys and more time creating art and stories and talking about the future. We spent the morning car ride today discussing the fact that she has 26 more days left as a Kindergartner. She’s so nervous about leaving her teacher and having a new classroom. As a parent, all I want to do is make her feel safe and loved but the truth is that change is scary- and inevitable. There’s no protecting her from it. All I can do is make sure she has a warm and loving place to come home to. Which leads me to… progress on our library nook!


See- books! I didn’t go completely off topic. Our house was built in 1985 and has a lot of eighties-luxury design elements, like a ton of gorgeous, solid wood accents. That can make the rooms feel dark so it’s been a challenge to find ways to bring light into our home. All of the huge windows help, but so do the occasional pops of color- like this awesome mossy green velvet chair! It’s really deep set and perfect for lounging; just need to find the perfect ottoman for maximum coziness (I feel like something with cool texture will break up the space nicely- maybe a fluffy faux-sheep one?). We embraced all of the gold hardware in the house by adding some gold touches of our own while also using mixed metals, like the dark iron on the bookshelves. The bookshelves made me realize that I buy most of my books on Kindle; look at all the room I have for more! My new ritual is if the paperback is cheaper than the Kindle edition, I’ll go ahead and order the paperback. Gotta fill those babies up. (Let’s ignore the five or six other bookshelves that are filled up around the house.)


So we planned on this being purely a library space, but since the room we used previously as an office is going to be converted into a home gym area I’m going to make it a bit more multi-functional (hence the printer). All I need is a big green plant (something tall and okay with shade) beside the smaller shelf to block that outlet and a vibrant, colorful rug that I can never have because I have dogs and they live to destroy my happiness (J/K just my furniture).

I’d like to hang some art or something but it’s tough to do without destroying the wood paneling. If you have ideas or suggestions for that, I’d love to hear them! Another tricky part about this spot is it is open to the rest of the house, upstairs as a sort of loft, so it has to kind of match the flow for everything in the living and dining areas as well. Why did we pick this weird house???? Oh yeah. Because we love weird. Because we are weird.

I feel satisfied by the amount of procrastination I have accomplished here today, so now I must return to my research paper. It’s about food culture in Argentina and it’s making me SO HUNGRY. I hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


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