The Pokemon Cookbook by Maki Kudo

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The Pokemon Cookbook by Maki Kudo

Genre: Cookbook, Children’s Book

Synopsis: Fun & easy recipes inspired by favorite Pokémon characters! Create delicious dishes that look like your favorite Pokémon characters – from desserts to pizza – with more than 35 easy, fun recipes. Make a Pokéball sushi roll, Pikachu ramen or mashed Meowth potatoes for your next party, weekend activity or powered-up lunchbox. 

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review: I found this cookbook in an awesome little bookstore in Japantown, San Francisco. If I had been blogging then I would have taken one million pictures of it to show you guys. It was a haven for book lovers and fans of Japanese culture alike! As soon as I saw this I knew I had to bring it home for my daughter. She LOVES Pokemon and loves to help in the kitchen.


She spent several days reading the book before deciding on which recipes to tackle. She loved all of the cooking advice from her fave characters and the illustrations and photography. The cookbook features a lot of traditional Japanese recipes- Slowpoke Strawberry Mochi Balls, Poke Ball Sushi, and Pikachu Omurice- which (for Americans like me) means many of the recipes will require trips to a specialty store. We found two that looked easy enough and decided to try them out. The results were mixed.


This recipe was beyond easy and taught me a trick for using melted chocolate that changed my whole baking game for the better. It instructed us to melt a Hershey’s chocolate bar in a plastic bag by putting it into a hot water bath and piping it out that way. SO MUCH EASIER THAN MELTING CHOCOLATE ON A STOVETOP! The “eyes” were just oreo’s with the top cookie taken off. Easy right? And look how cute!

This recipe, however…

IMG_3469 2

…yikes.  It sounded easy enough on paper but didn’t exactly translate well. This was probably because I didn’t have a perfect substitute for the castella cake. My husband brought home a lemon loaf cake that looked close but ended up being a soggy mess. We had a lot of fun mixing up (and eating!) the homemade whipped cream though!

Overall, the recipes are not complicated but the need for some hard-to-find ingredients does make some of them difficult. If you have picky eaters at home they might be wary of dishes like Carnivine Cabbage and Sudowoodo Autumn Rice (mine was suspicious of the burdock root). But there are more than enough simple and kid-centric recipes to keep even the pickiest eaters entertained!

If you’ve got a Pokemon fan and budding chef at home, I highly recommend this book. Heck, if you just really like cute stuff I highly recommend this book. You’ll have a lot of fun with it! You can find the Pokemon Cookbook here.



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