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…four very different books.


Cozy by Isabel Gillies

The marketing team behind this one should be very proud. They obviously tried to springboard off of the success of The Little Book of Hygge (the cover designs are very similar- same colors and eye-catching gold leaf) and it worked like a charm. I adored The Little Book of Hygge and was eager to recapture some of the warmth and coziness that book made me feel. Sadly, I’m finding myself faltering around the halfway mark. The book feels less like an amalgam of all things cozy and more like a self-indulgent autobiography about someone that I am not particularly interested in knowing. The author tries to relate to the reader with personal stories and histories but she just comes off as privileged, spoiled, and pretentious. I’m hoping to push through and find my current opinion changed (there are moments of real beauty hidden in the first few chapters) but as of now, this book is hovering around 3 stars.


Scotland – Lonely Planet

Ireland – Lonely Planet

My husband and I try to take a big trip together each year and for this one we’ve narrowed it down to London, Scotland, and Ireland. London for just a day, where we will catch a premier league game and ride the train to Edinburgh (my fellow Harry Potter addicts will understand why I find the idea of a four-hour train ride up the British coast SO thrilling). After that point, however, we are stumped. With only eight days to spend, do we take our time in Scotland and forego Ireland altogether? Do we spend two days in Scotland and then fly to Ireland? Do we split it in half- seeing less- but doing both? I chose these two books because they have several different itineraries and trip ideas based on the number of days you have, pull out maps, and tons of great info about things to do and see. So far I’ve used more Shiba sticky notes in the Scotland book, which means I’m leaning towards a more Scotland heavy trip. However, Ireland has the Game of Thrones tour where you can visit set locations and take pics with the direwolves while wearing cloaks, sooo…

These have been beautiful and invaluable research tools for planning our trip so far! They are on a course for earning 4 stars from me.


The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee

I heard this book described as “Gossip Girl in a post-apocalyptic world” and was totally sold. I’m only a few chapters in but finding the Gossip Girl description to be true, at least. I haven’t seen much of the actual world yet but am very interested to know more about this thousand story tower that is basically a city unto itself right in the middle of NYC. My main annoyance is superficial- what is up with that misplaced title shadowing? That has to be a printing error, right? It looks awful and jarring. Other than that, the writing so far has been crisp and eloquent, the pacing is good, and I’m certainly intrigued. Too early for stars but I have high hopes for this one!

What are you all reading?

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