Explore a Dog by Paul Beck

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This book is Soba approved.

Explore a Dog by Paul Beck

Age range: The recommended range for this book is 8-12 but I always take these numbers with a grain of salt. Let your child be your guide; if they are curious and interested in learning about anatomy or the way bodies work, starting off with an animal might be a good primer (and an excellent way to encourage and support that curiosity!). Even though they might not read or understand it word for word, I imagine children as young as 4 will enjoy this amazing 3D look inside the body of man’s best friend. The book is also loaded with amazing animal facts that can be condensed down by parents so that their kiddo understands.

Synopsis: Uncover the secrets of man’s best friend layer by layer in this new title in the popular Explore series. Young dog fans will love discovering all the weird and wild facts, viewing the cool illustrations and diagrams, and examining the unique 3-D layered model of a dog. With every turn of the page, the pup is deconstructed before their eyes, as the model demonstrates the hidden workings of the dog’s body. 

My rating: 5/5 tail-wagging stars

My review: This is such a neat book for kids and adults alike! Aside from the amazingly cool 3D representations of the anatomy of the dog, there are so many interesting facts and tidbits inside. Any parent in the thick of the “why” phase with their kiddo will be happy to see answers to many common questions, like “why do dogs pee on things?” and “why can’t dogs have chocolate?”

As you flip through the sturdy, cardboard pages, you will find that each covers a different system in the dog’s body. Related facts and interesting tidbits are organized clearly throughout, avoiding the overwhelming feeling of walls of text.



Activities: Honestly, this book is an activity unto itself! But if you’re looking for a way to connect your reading discoveries to real life, why don’t you invite your little one to take your dog for a walk (or point out a neighbor walking theirs) and ask them about what parts of the body they think it’s using at that moment. You could also get out the construction paper and see if you can reconstruct the anatomy of a dog by memory.

Books like this make learning easy and fun! If you have any animal lovers in your life or are looking for a cool and unique gift, I absolutely recommend Explore A Dog. It’s on sale right now too!

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