Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon by Jen Campbell

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Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon by Jen Campbell and illustrated by Katie Harnett

Age range: 3-8 years old. This can be read to younger children, but the book itself is not toddler-finger friendly.

Synopsis: Luna’s best friend, Franklin, is a dragon. Together, they love to read stories about everything from trampolining to deep- sea diving. One day, while they are reading about fascinating creatures and their origins, Franklin begins to wonder where he is from. He is 605 years old and has no idea where to find other dragons.

Luna suggests that they go on an adventure to find his family. They Google his family tree, they e-mail a princess for his parents’ address, and along the way they find twenty yetis eating spaghetti, five vampires reading Shakespeare, and disco dancing unicorns . . . but no dragons. One night it dawns on Luna that they should travel to the moon to see if there are any dragons there, so Franklin rockets them into space. When they land, they are met by Franklin’s long- lost dragon family for a heart- warming reunion.

My rating: 5/5 shiny stars!

My review: Franklin and Luna are back! I thought that this story was even better than it’s predecessor. There is a perfect balance of whimsy, tenderness, and fun that kept my daughter’s rapt attention throughout. Once again, the illustrations stunned and amazed. I noticed a clearer rhyming pattern in this sequel which kept the story soothing and melodic. This is a must have for any children’s library!


Activities: The running theme of family caring for each other even while they are far apart is a perfect opportunity to discuss your own family ties. Write a letter or draw a picture for a relative or friend who your kiddo might not get to see very much.

Feeling bold enough to delay bedtime? Consider planning a night picnic to see the stars come out. Stardust scones and dragon songs are optional (but encouraged).

You can find Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon here. It’s a gorgeous book! You will enjoy reading it as much as your child will enjoy listening to it.

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