Top Five Books for Babies

Kids Corner, Top Five

Once they are big enough to sit up and grasp objects, you can begin to brainwash your child into becoming your future Barnes and Noble shopping partner by giving them lots of books. Although I am (mostly) kidding, you might be surprised to find that there are some really wonderful books out there made specifically for babies. These books allow them to explore different sensations through touch, sight, and sound, as well as introducing them to the shape of written words. Here are five of the most loved books-for-babies I watched my own little one grow up with.


Peek-A-Who? by Nina Laden

I talked about how much this cute little book means to me in this blog post– it was the first book that I watched my daughter connect with. It’s a perfect size for clumsy baby hands, square and sturdy, and constructed out of thick cardboard. The illustrations are vivid and interesting and there’s a fun surprise on the last page that will keep little ones coming back to this book again and again.


Sleepy Bunny (Pat the Bunny Cloth Book) by Golden Books

All of the Pat the Bunny books are great, but this one is perfect for babies. Sleepy Bunny is made from a soft cloth material and the little plush bunny serves as a moving figure throughout the book, with plenty of little pockets to tuck him into and explore.


Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo is a classic for a reason. The story is catchy and fun; the narrator writes to the zoo to send him a pet and each page has a flap to lift to reveal what animal he has received in response. Dear Zoo has been in heavy rotation at bedtime in our house from the very beginning. On nights when she’s too tired for a long story we will still pull it out, even though she’s now six!


Where is Baby’s Belly Button? By Karen Katz

All of Karen Katz’s board books are baby shower gift essentials. Babies love the simple stories, peek-a-boo games, and vivid illustrations throughout. This one is especially fun. I can’t look at the cover without remembering all of the baby giggles it inspired!


Baby Touch and Feel: Colors and Shapes by DK

This book is full of vibrant colors and textures that will mesmerize and entertain. As your baby grows it also becomes a great primer for learning the names of colors and shapes. DK has a huge catalog of these wonderful books for babies. I definitely recommend checking them out!

Whether you are looking for your next baby shower gift or building up a library for a baby of your own, these five books are an excellent place to start! Which books are in your top five?

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