“Franklin’s Flying Bookshop” by Jen Campbell

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“Franklin’s Flying Bookshop” written by Jen Campbell and illustrated by Katie Harnett

Age range: 3-8 years old. This could be read to younger children, but the book itself is not toddler-finger friendly.

Synopsis: Franklin the dragon loves stories and loves reading stories to people too, but everyone is too scared to even talk to him. One day, he meets a girl named Luna who, rather than being afraid, is fascinated to meet Franklin, having recently read all about dragons in one of her books. They instantly become friends and talk nonstop about what they’ve read: books about roller-skating, King Arthur, spiders, and how to do kung fu. Together they hatch a plan to share their love of books with others by opening a bookshop―a flying bookshop, that is―right on Franklin’s back!

My rating: 5/5 shiny gold stars!

My review: First of all, this book is absolutely gorgeous. It would make an excellent gift. The font on the front cover is a beautiful, shining rose-gold and the illustrations are incredible. The story itself is just as wonderful! Franklin is lonely hiding in his cave with his stories, but he can’t seem to make any friends (because he is an enormous scary dragon, the villagers keep running away from him when he tries to chat). Then he meets Luna. She is a gorgeous character, fierce and unafraid to speak her mind. There are funny moments peppered in to keep the kids interested, and lots of tiny details in the illustrations that are fun to look out for.

The themes of standing up for yourself, accepting differences (even if they seem a little scary), and of the transformative power of stories are excellent starting off points for conversations with your child (or niece/nephew/grandkid/small friend/what have you).


Activities: Have the kiddo make their own bookshop! What would they call it? (If you’re feeling artsy, help them make a shop sign!) Which books would they display first? Why? Spread it out on a sheet and pretend it’s a flying bookshop like Franklin’s, or stick the bookshop in a wagon to go visit some new “customers”. Playing pretend can get old, for sure. But pretending to own a bookshop is something us book lovers do in our fantasies 90% of the time anyway, right?

Click here to order a copy of this gorgeous book today. The littlest readers in your life will thank you for it!

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